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    August 2016 Fort Worth News Updates on Cat News *LOL* World’s most beautiful cats and amazing kittens free to good home. This is the last litter of kittens from Shaggy Boy the Hero Cat and Mama Cat since Shaggy the amazing feral cats now neutered.

Cat Videos Below shows playlists of cats and kittens from past and recent. Some of the kittens in the recent videos as of now August 2016 are looking for loving and caring homes to help them live their lives with love and shelter. Free Cat Love *Cat Love Is One Of The Most Amazing Types Of Love In The World. Get Your Free Cat Love Today In Fort Worth Texas *USA KITTENS FREE TO GOOD HOME*

As I report cat news in Fort Worth Texas here the beautiful loving cat Stripey is pregnant again with another litter of kittens in fort worth. This beautiful striped tabby cats kittens are also believed to be fathered by the amazing Shaggy Boy cat.

Cats can get pregnant while still nursing kittens. Just days after I finished giving away free kittens from Mama cat and Stripey cat it showed these cats were already pregnant again.  I did not make it in time to get help with neutering them in time but I have finally got the male cat Shaggy neutered.

Once stripey has her kittens and they are eating dry kitten food and can kitten food on their own I will wait for the 6 week period then list kittens for free to good home in Fort Worth Texas. As you see in the cat videos and listings for free kittens above the striped cats mama cat had her litter of kittens 6 weeks ago and they are ready for new homes to share their cat love with you and your family.

To inquire online about free kittens you can fill out the message box or contact form below. If you wish to email me about free kittens in fort worth texas you can email me at

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