July, 2016 These Cats Fort Worth Kittens Found Homes!

Fort Worth Texas Kittens from past free cat ads in Fort Worth TX found good homes and loving families to help care for them. Cat photos and pictures with videos of kittens in Texas show some of the cats or kittens I gave away free to Texas families.

The white albino kitten and grey kitten are both shared so much cat love with one another it made me so happy to find a home for those two kittens together. Cat love videos here to show to see these two cats that found a home together. The cat lovers that took the albino white kitten and grey kitten also took a small black kitten that I found in a car engine and took in to help find a home. All 3 kittens loved and played together so well it was an amazing moment and like a dream come true when I saw how the couple took to them all so well and wanted to take them home. Thanks so much to you and your family for you made me so happy I cried for days. I miss all the kittens I give away but I can not help them all myself for I have no room or home that is fitting for so many cats.

When you take home more than one cat or pet often they will eat together, sleep together and play together.  The kittens in these pictures were about 4 months old and very needy for love and a good home.

The albino cat and grey cat were believed to have the same father but two different mothers. The white albino kittens one of the beautiful Stripey cats babies *the last one left from her litter!*

CAT VIDEO OF KITTENS SHOWS Beautiful Kittens in Fort Worth Texas that found cat lovers to take them into their homes while they were still young. Thanks for sharing your home and love with them!

Albino Cat Loves Grey Cat Free Kittens & Small… by videojunky20

The beautiful grey kittens one of Mama cats kittens. The last of her last litter since the Shaggy Boy Jr and Long Hair Black Cat From That Litter Went Together To A Loving Home. Back on track to the grey kitten. This is a male cat that was missing his brothers so much that I put him together with Stripey’s litter of kittens. They learned to love on another so much it was heartbreaking to think they could have been separated from one another. I am so happy they found a home together so they can grow up and share their love together.

Stripey is the baby of Mama Cat and in both cases of the kittens we have strong reason to believe the beautiful Shaggy Boy’s the father. Shaggy is the long hair black and white cat as seen in the picture eating next to the beautiful striped cat Stripey.

As for the long hair black cat that is about 6 weeks old seen in the pictures here now we do not know who her mother is nor do we know where her family is. All I know is she came to us for a reason. I was working and in chat when a cat lady aka cat lover that is a neighbor to my father and mother came by to tell me she needed help getting a cat out of engine. I ran out with her and after both of us trying awhile she managed to get the kitten out. She could not take the black kitten home since she had a dog and cat already.

The black cats very loving and needy of love. Once you pick up the black kitten it purrs and sleeps on you right away.


These feral cats kittens in Fort Worth Texas now have homes in texas with loving mamas and papas to help them grow up and live their lives inside with homes and love as it should be. I would like to thank you people of Fort Worth and surrounding areas in Texas that have come to take these free kittens and share you homes and love. I hope you enjoy the cat love these kittens give as much as I have loved it. It means so much to my mama and I to know they will be ok and have loving homes.

Stripey The Mama Cat With Striped Kittens *Striped Male Kittens Love Mama Cat*

Mama Cat With Kitten. Stripy Cats Baby Kittens So Cute
Mama Cat With Kitten. Stripy Cats Baby Kittens So Cute

This video shows the striped mama cat with babies. The striped kittens are almost like twins in the way they look but you can tell them apart by personality and size as well as a few different markings on these striped kittens.

June 20th of 2016 I got a text from someone wanting to give a home to the two striped male kittens in fort worth. I was so happy for that day I just gave a home to the long hair black and white cat and the long hair black cat together with the same mama. The lovely lady that came to pick up the shaggy black and white cat aka Shaggy Girl and the Little Black Kitten with the long hair now has given them a home with love and even names that probably sound much better. Grin.  *Well there we have it for I have been lucky to find homes for kittens in pairs of twos 3 times so far. I do feel badly for the kittens left behind waiting for homes but I will not give up and go home until the last kittens set up with a loving home and safe zone.

Fort Worth Kittens Pictures Of Homeless Kittens That Found Homes In Texas

Cat pictures of the homeless cats and kittens in Fort Worth Texas shows free kittens that were given away to good homes in TX. The two striped kittens and all the beautiful cats kittens were given away as free kittens in fort worth. The ads or listings for free cat helped my kittens find cat loves and animal loves that opened their hearts and homes to these beautiful babies. Some of the free kittens in Fort Worth TX found a home together. The two male kittens love each other so much and as you see in the cat photos they almost match like twins.

Most of the kittens in each litter do love to play together and have been lucky with listings for free kitten I posted online since they have found happy loving homes some together so they have each other when they miss their mama cat. Thank you everyone that helped give these homeless kittens loving homes.

Free to good home in Fort Worth Texas. 2 Striped Male Kittens
Free to good home in Fort Worth Texas. 2 Striped Male Kittens

Though those free striped kittens in the picture with the striped mama cat are given away to good homes in Fort Worth there could be more kittens listed off my USA & Texas Website HilaryLeigh.Com

HilaryLeigh.com Hilary Leigh Live In USA & Europe Videos, Photos, Blogs Etc.

If you live in Dallas Texas or Fort Worth Texas and want a free kitten we have free kittens for good homes. A few kittens have been given away free but there are still several of these beautiful kittens ready to find a loving home. Two of the beautiful feral cats around had kittens right outside to share the cat love and let me help them find homes and make it in life.

If you are a cat lover these sweet kittens are located in Fort Worth Texas and really need a home.

Baby Cats Getting Around Kittens Nurse Cat… by videojunky20

The cats and kittens seen in this video of Fort Worth Kittens free to good home all now have good homes with loving mamas and papas to share their amazing cat love with through their life. I would like to thank all of you for sharing your homes and love with these loving babies. I miss them so much but I am so happy to know they are doing well and getting lots of love.  Thank you all so much! You have no idea how much this has meant to us here.

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