As you may have noticed all my websites have been down and not much on the websites I have started to redo. What took decades to do will not be finished overnight nor am I sure I can finish them before going back to Sweden. I am American and Swedish citizen that moved from the usa to Sweden in 2007. I came back to the usa to visit and help my family a couple years ago. I have ended up stuck now living in America for awhile. When I think I have things figured out and fixed something always comes up. That is life in the usa. I did however make a difference in the lives of many kittens and cats as well as the people that now have loving cats and friends for life. I wanted to put HilaryLeigh.com back online if even with just text to say I will repair and redo pages here when I can. For now check out my other websites like of course www.zolaenterprises.com. Even if there is not much back online there that will always be one of my major or main websites.

      For cat lovers and animals lovers you may like my new cat pages or cat websites as I will start sharing photo and videos online there via www.funnycatlove.com